Re: Interacting with mouse over links using NVDA?


Also, I doubt that having something appear on a web page or change is classified as a focus change. it is a change on the page, and unless there is something like JAVA script on the page to force you to that place, as Google forces you into the edit field when you open the home page to do a search, I don't think the screen-reader will react. Look at live regions on web pages. If there changing information were defined by the screen-reader as a new focus point, you would be constantly losing your place when trying to work with the page.


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From: Akash Kakkar
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 10:53 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Interacting with mouse over links using NVDA?

Thanks bro

On 8/17/20, Daniel Damacena <> wrote:
It works quite well! Once you move the mouse to the element, you can
navigate through the sub menu with arrows.
Em 17/08/2020 11:25, Akash Kakkar escreveu:
Thanks Ben,
I'll try it.

On 8/17/20, Gene <> wrote:
It may cause the action to take place but you won't know what or where
it is. NVDA doesn't support mouseover. My impression is that it is so
rarely necessary in using sites that it isn't supported except in JAWS.

When you issue the mouseover command in JAWS, JAWS tells you where a
change occurred on what line. You then use the go to line command to
see what the change is. You then use another command to return to your
previous position. NVDA has none of these functions. While I would
think that moving the mouse to the link might carry out the action, as I
said, you won't know anything about it.


On 8/16/2020 3:58 PM, wrote:
Hey Akash

1. Move your focus to the position of the element that has the mouse
2. Move the mouse pointer to that position with NVDA + / on the number
(desktop mode) or NVDA + Shift + M (laptop mode).

This should display mouse over actions. Note that I am assuming that
navigator object is set to follow focus changes, which is the default
behaviour. You can clarify this if necessary in the Review Cursor
or toggle this behaviour on or off with NVDA + 7.

All the best.


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Subject: [nvda] Interacting with mouse over links using NVDA?

Hey guys,
so subject line says all this.
How do we interact with mouse over links/controls using NVDA?
In JAWS, we use to press "insert+control+enter" which doesn't work in
of NVDA.
any help/pointers please?

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