Re: Protonmail

Sarah k Alawami

My usual question. Has anyone written to the company in regard to accessible or lack thereof in terms of this bridge thing? I've heard of this through my brave adds, but I don't really need it as I use fast mail for most of my communications which does the same thing pretty much.

If you or anyone has written to the company, and given them links to screen reader resources what has been their response if any?


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On 17 Aug 2020, at 10:51, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

Pretty much, Sarah. Google's ecosystem allows this in spades. Proton's, however, does not make money off of advertisements or data collection. They rely on user subscriptions and you get everything in one package. ProtonMail, Proton Calendar, ProtonVPN, and other services I may not be remembering. There are no ads in any of its services, and they don't own a search engine as far as I'm aware.

Anyhow, I've mostly managed to set things up. I'm just having issues creating or authorizing the outgoing mail certificate. Nothing I've tried works.

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