Re: Protonmail


Well I have just done some research on protonmail.

While gmail is reasonably secure it doesn't have end to end encription.

However if you want to be that picky then you should know that protonmail according to an article does have some us investments.

Also, protonmail has full control of private keys generated when you make your account.

So if you want to be picky, your info could be compromised because you only have control of your public keys.

At any rate with the bridge for payed users not usable, I will stay with gmail thank you.

Pluss, I will be shortly be doing a podcast on the gnupg wich is a pgp varient which is all protonmail is.

There are ways if you really want this done.

Its been on the cards for me for a while.

On 18/08/2020 5:46 am, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Straying a bit but just to point out the following. If I'm a company looking for ways to sell my product, I can in theory mine the data from your list emails and know what you like, what you don't like, and suggest products to you that you didn't even know you wanted. This is called data mining, and every single big company does this. Ok, hopping off of my soap box now.


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On 16 Aug 2020, at 13:14, Gene wrote:

Unless someone is sending personal or confidential information, they may not care.  I don't think any possible sbnooper is going to be interested in reading my mail, which mostly is e-mail list mail. 


On 8/16/2020 2:57 PM, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

THat's where you're wrong, though. Google is absolutely not secure. They claim they are, but until they use end to end encryption on e-mails and Google searches and other such things, it's all a lie.

Luke, if you're reading this, regarding your point about getting the mailbox configuration thing to show up, yes, you do have to select expand row for that to work. I am trying the process on my new machine and so far your steps are working for me.

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