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Yes, the interaction with NVDA is depending of the web page. In some cases is a normal element but no is possible enable temp with the Keyboard, in other cases the controls don’t are standard and the NVDA commands for move the mouse to the same place of the navigator object and after the command for use the mouse click (or the physicals buttons primary or secondary in the mouse) can work with NVDA and NVDA can read the options from a menu, for example, but in this point some websites are different.

In this case, we can use NVDA Remote for test the accessibility of the website after of the login.




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Hi Sarah


It’s worth a try on websites where you encounter these situations. Results will vary, but it might get you out of trouble. Of course, I always recommend providing respectful feedback regarding accessibility issues to the developer to try and get them resolved.






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Will this work wherein I have to hover over buttons and stuff to get actions to show up? I can hardly get this to work at all at By the way you must be logged in in order to see what I'm talking about but you can delete actions , messages etc by hovering over items. A menu will then show up.


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Hey Akash

1. Move your focus to the position of the element that has the mouse over actions.
2. Move the mouse pointer to that position with NVDA + / on the number pad (desktop mode) or NVDA + Shift + M (laptop mode).

This should display mouse over actions. Note that I am assuming that the navigator object is set to follow focus changes, which is the default behaviour. You can clarify this if necessary in the Review Cursor settings or toggle this behaviour on or off with NVDA + 7.

All the best.


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Subject: [nvda] Interacting with mouse over links using NVDA?

Hey guys,
so subject line says all this.
How do we interact with mouse over links/controls using NVDA?
In JAWS, we use to press "insert+control+enter" which doesn't work in case of NVDA.
any help/pointers please?


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