Re: Any way to decrease NVDA sounds except the voice?

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Yes, is the option for the sounds of focus and browse mode. But the beeps in the progress bar is a beep that NVDA play with a script, don’t is a sound file.




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De: Daniel Damacena
Enviado: lunes, 17 de agosto de 2020 10:50
Asunto: Re: [nvda] Any way to decrease NVDA sounds except the voice?


You need to edit the sounds themselves.


Go to


c:\program files (x86)\nvda\waves


There you'll find the sounds.


I usually edit them with audacity.


After you replace the sounds with the new ones, you restart the screen



Em 17/08/2020 11:41, Cleverson Casarin Uliana escreveu:

> Hi, I'd like the progress beeps and the focus mode sounds to sound

> lower. The voice is already at 100%, so raising the voice volume and

> lowering the general system volume is not an option unfortunately. Any

> suggestion please?

> thanks,

> Cleverson





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