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I had that problem, but it seems to bee resolved after I had installed the latest master version of NVDA.

Artin Dekker
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Op 25-8-2016 om 11:38 schreef Gene:

I have no problem seeing links in Chrome.  So far, when this came up for discussion, two people have reported problems seeing links but we don't know if the problems have the same cause since one was much more limited.  Nor do we know how widespread the problem is since only two people have reported it.  Chrome is pretty accessible but Firefox is at least a little more accessible and its interface is more traditional.  My impression from the very small amount I've done with add ons in Chrome is that installing add ons in Firefox is easier.
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both are less then firefox.

firefox is not the quickest one but it is the best browser until now, at this moment there is a problem with chrome, there are the links, but they will not be displayed in nvda.

opera don't has this problem.


paul otter

Op 25-8-2016 om 10:03 schreef Artin Dekker:



What is best in terms of accessibility, Opera or Chrome?



Artin Dekker
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