Re: DECtalk Synthesizer


To be honest I am not sure if anyone actually gives a damn about this.

I used to like this when dectalk had its archive but thats a static thing now.

I suspect that while dectalk itself is not exactly used that for those musicians on there and others there are better ways to get something to sing.

Dectalk was really good in its day, don't get me wrong and through the early 2000s it kept going.

But I have heard plugins in logic and reeper for example to make chipmusic and have some soundfonts sounding like various consoles.

There is a plugin called chipspeak I think which you can use to make synthesised speech singing.

There are actual singing synths about to.

Point is, dectalk had its day.

There are software and hardware packages similar to it in some respects and not others.

To be honest, the fact dectalk usb costs a lot about 600 bucks last I checked and with no more serial ports pluss well the rest of the yesteryear stuff well who knows.

I mean I have the really low quality dectalk sapi synth but if you ever get eloquence installed either from code factory or an old sapi4 gwmicro windows eyes disk, or even old viavoice you have dectalk to an extent.

And since I have named at least 3 synths that can emulate one I wouldn't put it much to a stretch that the klatt and other methods used are probably emulated.

I mean if someone made a dectalk soundfont or instrument and maybe there is somewhere, we just don't know, its going to be easier to run that.

Back in windows xp days, when I did have a serial port and old keynote and dectalk synths I tried to run them with supernova.

While the gold did actually work and did eventually speak with ssil, the dec wouldn't it got locked up with detection, and then supernova sounded strange till I fiddled with it.

If I tried it again, it would totally screw over windows and I'd have to do a full in those time reformat.

After doing about 3 to 5 tries and about 6 or so reformats I came to the conclusion that, because the dectalk was trying to access the serial directly and the hardware abstraction layer just doesn't like that in fact some time ago past windows 98 microsoft really doesn't want hardware communicating directly with other hardware it was a no go.

Its why I no longer have any hardware synths.

Now if someone is willing to colaberate with me with this, actually get an old system, maybe I get xp vm on here though I have no system with a serial port, maybe win98 or something and an old coppy of hal 5, I do have an old copy of fully legal hal5 here I could contribute to this and are willing to talk on my podcast about setting this up then fine.

However its a tall order especially with covid.

I'm not buying usb dectalk for a doodle.

If there is anything I miss with serial synths as supposed to software, is I had a better time on linux with one.

On 20/08/2020 8:42 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

I desperately hope there is. I held off upgrading to 2019.3 because it wouldn't be available. Before I did, I also made a copy of my 2019.2.1 configuration, specifically for DecTalk. Someone please port this to 2019.3+ if you can... seriously. I love the singing functionality.

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