Re: DECtalk Synthesizer


Hmmm the issue is that unless you have a way to convert dectalk to some sort of sound font or instrument then you will be restricted to a dos os to run the system.

win98 maximum.

Just to be safe windows 95 release 1 probably before microsoft removed all the extra stuff from it.

We may have to switch to chat or make this private or something, but in lew of any other solution, I do wander if we may have a better time of it doing this sort of thing in linux.

I can setup a virtual machine with linux mint or wsl in windows, but I'd need someone to help me with this.

Firstly I would need either dectalk software and or hardware and hardware is just not something I have or could even use I also don't have a system that old.

Now I know there are vmware vms of windows 98, and maybe we could try with that.

Linux may be the next best choice, but I am no coder.

I have a github and can use git in windows but I know next to nothing about code.

If anyone things they can join me on this email me off list using my email, sm.everiss@...

I have a podcast on anchor that we could probably use this would be an undertaking I'd like to participate.

This is open to users and mods or anyone that has spare time.

This aint going to be anything payed, due to how dectalk is licenced I'm just going to make it opensource probably.

On 20/08/2020 9:39 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

You could make any synth sing with a vocoder, true. But I don't feel like the result would be as nice. That's why I like the DecTalk synth. You can get it to sing by specifically writing down how it will perform. I mean, if there is a way to make some other NVDA synth sing that would be neat, but I doubt it.

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