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Yeah, I get this sometimes usually on system startup.

nvda control n will not work, menu up but not read hit it again, menu will go away but no read.

Fix, wait for a bit and it will fix itself or click nvda icon in the tray then it read then the keys work again.

Crash on brousers and half of it freezes.

If you restart nvda it will be fine, it will log a freeze though.

notification tree going unknown.

Restart windows.

Usually its a crash where another program has exited then crashed and not exited properly.

Not sure how to get all this to work right but nvda has been at least a lot better with the last 2.

But put the system under stress and yeah it can happen.

Remember that when nvda starts, don't immediately do something especially after a windows startup as the system may not be fully booted.

Even with my flash ssd systems I have not everything is running and some stuff may take time to pop up.

On 21/08/2020 9:46 am, Brandon Cole wrote:


I come seeking assistance with an NVDA bug that has recently sprung up. For some reason, NVDA will no longer read any of its own dialogs. The NVDA menu, the quit NVDA dialog, and so on. Furthermore, these dialogs no longer seem to have titles at all, let alone much content in them. Running NVDA whilst also running Jaws just to be sure showed me this. When bringing up the NVDA menu, NVDA said nothing at all, but even Jaws only said “submenu, submenu, submenu” as I browsed through the items. What’s more, anything that had an associated hot key didn’t seem to have one. Instead of saying Alt Plus T or Alt Plus B for example, what I heard was “Alt Plus…” And then simply nothing. I even uninstalled NVDA and reinstalled it, only to discover the issue persisted even during the reinstallation. It is a very disconcerting bug, and I am desperately hoping someone else has heard of this before. Thanks for any help you can provide. One final note for whatever it’s worth, this bug only seems to affect NVDA. Jaws is just fine.

Thanks all!



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