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Quentin Christensen

This is generally caused by something closing NVDA unexpectedly, such as it crashing, or if you go to task manager and "End task" it.  I haven't seen it when restarting or updating add-ons.  I wonder if it is a particular add-on which is not letting NVDA shut down cleanly?

If anyone replicates this, ideally with the log set to debug level, I'd be interested in your nvda-old.log file (the one from when NVDA didn't shut down properly).

If it's something in NVDA itself, then we definitely want to address it.  If it's something in an add-on then we can let the author know as well.


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Try using tskill to remove NVDA out of memory to see if it works.

Press Windows r to get the run dialogue box and then type, tskill NVDA and press the enter key.


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It seems that if you close NVDA or restart it you will get multiple instances of NVDA in the system tray.  Right now I have four NVDA listings in my system tray.

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