A call for testing to users of the OCR add-on

Lukasz Golonka

Hi all,

i've recently released a new development version of the OCR addon which
can be downloaded from https://github.com/lukaszgo1/nvda-ocr/releases/download/v2.1-dev/ocr-2.1-dev.nvda-addon
While user visible changes are documented in the readme the main change
in this version is the way in which parts of the screen are captured for
recognition and that is where I need your help. If you're using my
add-on currently I would be grateful if you could install the dev
version from the link above and use it for some time.
I've done some testing before release obviously but it is impossible
to account for every application out there, and while the new capturing
implementation makes future maintenance easier I don't want to do that
at the cost of worse recognition results.
Many thanks for your testing!


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