Re: who can help me?

P. Otter

it is rather strange it was always working before.

it is a registered version, on other nvda versions on other computers it works correctly.

allso when i generate a portable copy of nvda on this machine, it works but only i've problems with the installed version.

it was happening, after i reinstall nvda because other people on this list told that they had no problems with displaying the links in chrome.

so if that was wrong, i had installed nvda again from that moment the problem with vocalizer arose.

and not with the portable version on the same machine!!!

what can it be?


paul otter

Op 25-8-2016 om 19:00 schreef Rui Fontes:


The Vocalizer for NVDA from Tiflotecnia or from Code Factory?

If the one from Tiflotecnia, you need to activate the license.

Any problem you can contact me, rui.fontes@...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

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De: P. Otter
Data: 25 de agosto de 2016 17:47
Assunto: [nvda] who can help me?

hello all, i have a problem, rather strange!

i've installed the driver for vocalizer for nvda.

when i look at installed add-ons, i see vocalizer driver.

but not in the list of synthesizers, all i do, it don't solves the problem.

i've allready tryed to uninstall nvda and reinstall it again after a
reboot, nothing helps!

what can i do to solve this problem?

thanks in advance

paul otter

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