Re: Bug with Windows 10 Clipboard History



I get a feeling that this is keyboard hook issue – I’m guessing that nVDA’s keyboard input hook is interfering with what clipboard history is supposed to accomplish.




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I've tried the same thing on my wife's computer with her keyboard and the same thing happens,.


On 21/08/2020 16:55, Brian Vogel wrote:

Can this be replicated if you use a different keyboard?

I ask only because of how many "intermittently sticky" command keys I've encountered over the years as a computer repair person.  I'm not saying there is not a bug, but you should use a different keyboard, and preferably one you know to be behaving well, as a diagnostic step.  If the behavior does not persist, suspect your keyboard is going wonky.  And they can do this in stages where everything works fine then you have a brief period of "sticky command key" then it releases.  It's definitely not always an all or nothing situation, which makes it hard to diagnose sometimes.

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