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Robert Doc Wright godfearer

Steven do the following
press your windows key
up arrow
page down until you get to the N section
arrow to NVDA and press enter
arrow down to "explore NVDA configuration directory" and enter
open NVDA.ini
search for capsLock and change the value to true
save the document
restart NVDA
this should give you the use of the capsLock. a modifier. 
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In preferences you can set CAPS LOCK as the NVDA/insert key

On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 05:54 Hicks Steven (CORNWALL IT SERVICES) via <> wrote:
I Have installed NVDA on a machine which has a bluetooth keyboard and I can’t find the insert key, not sure if it has one, it is the Apple style layout.

I Need to bring up the NVDA menu to go in to the options and change the keyboard layout to be laptop but I can’t perform an instert+n, does anyone know of another way to bring up the NVDA menu please?

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