Re: Windows OneCore voices don't appear correctly in the list of synthesizers

Luke Davis

On Sat, 22 Aug 2020, Louise Pfau wrote:

Hi.  I'm running "Microsoft Windows Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.450)" and "NVDA 2020.02". 
I just reset the configuration to the factory default, and the "Windows OneCore voices" still don't show up correctly in the "Select a synthesizer" dialog.
After you try Joseph's test, you may want to try this.

It is possible that Windows removed the voices for some reason. To try to get them back, press your windows key and type "speech".
Move down to "speech settings", and press enter.
Then tab over to the "Manage voices" group, and you should be on the "add voices" button.
Press enter on that, and you will be able to enter and choose your language, and then install the appropriate voice pack(s).
In this case, you'll want to install the English (US) voice pack.
Once you select and install the voice, close everything and restart NVDA.

This is all assuming that the English (US) voice pack is not already installed.


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