Re: what addons can i get with the most recent version of NVDA?

Tony Ballou

Hi David,


The current version of NVDA is 2020.2. Some of the add-ons that I find most helpful are add ons documentation which you can use to get help for working with each add on you choose to install into NVDA.  The add on updater which will let you know when there is a new version of an add on.  perhaps my favorite is O B J pad, which allows you to use your keyboard as if it were a mouse.  cSome other add ons of note include: windows 10 app Essentials, clip contents designer, clip speak, easy table navigator, place markers, toolbars explorer, review cursor copier, speech history, emoticon’s, control usage assistant, resource monitor, and systray list.

Hope this helps.






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From: David Ingram
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2020 3:33 PM
Subject: [nvda] what addons can i get with the most recent version of NVDA?


Hi list members, i'd like to know is there a more recent updater, and what addons can I use with the most recent version of NVDA?  There doesn't seem to  be many choices in terms of addons that I can choose to use.  I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can give in reguards to my questions.  Thank you.


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