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Ian Blackburn

is there a portible version of Pontesbecause the webpage gives me a warning of a Trojan

On 23/08/2020 4:25 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Heddy,

Pontes Media Downloader does give you the option to download the full unconverted video from Youtube.  It also allows  conversion to MP3 and other audio formats.  I am totally blind myself and therefore I cannot make accurate analysis of just what quality of videos are downloaded.  By default, it downloads the video in MP4 format.  I think this may be a compressed form of the video, so if compressed video format is not good enough, maybe this won't work for you.

In any case, the download page for this app is:

On 8/22/2020 4:03 PM, Hettie wrote:
I spent a lot of time searching Google for an accessible video downloader that works with nvda.

I came accros Ummy Video Downloader  and it looks like a possibility but unfortunately it allows only 1 free download before you need to pay. The subscription price falls out of my monthly or once-off budget. The video I downloaded from Youtube was of a very high quality.

Any suggestions for a free app?


On 2020/08/22 9:45 pm, Gene wrote:
I don't use the updater so others can discuss it.  Regarding add-ons, I don't know where you are looking.  If you go to:
that is the official NVDA add-ons page.  That doesn't mean that no other add-ons are available elsewhere, it means that these have been checked by NVDA volunteers for safety and that they work properly.

You are on the stable add-ons page.  You will see a link as you look down the page for add-ons under development.  You may use them if you wish but they may have bugs, being sort of like betas.

Legacy add-ons, as I understand it, and there is a link to them as well, are those that can be used with older versions of NVDA.  I'm not sure, but I don't think they will work with current versions.

If you go to the page I gave a link to earlier and move down the page using h for heading, you will move from add-on link to add-on link.

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Subject: [nvda] what addons can i get with the most recent version of NVDA?

Hi list members, i'd like to know is there a more recent updater, and what addons can I use with the most recent version of NVDA? There doesn't seem to  be many choices in terms of addons that I can choose to use.  I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can give in reguards to my questions. Thank you.

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