NVDA Freezing

Sharni-Lee Ward


This has only started happening recently, but as it's happened three times now, I thought I should report it. I don't know whether it was caused by the latest update of NVDA or my recent acquisition of a Focus 40 Blue Braille display, but it happened the first time the day after the latter occurrance and I updated to the new NVDA about a week before that.

What happens is that NVDA freezes after seeming to have started up all right. I know it freezes because I can hear nothing from it nor see any output from the Braille display. The first time this happened I got my sister to look at the screen and there was an error message about some file that couldn't be read/found...or something. I can't remember the details and I obviously cannot check for myself. All I know is there was a file extension in the error. The last two times, I just shut down the computer and restarted. Most of the time, NVDA works as normal. The one thing the three incidents have in common is that they happened just after NVDA started up. The first two times it was on initial startup. The second time was after I restarted NVDA due to it responding sluggishly, an occurrence that has happened often enough in the past and wasn't a cause for concern to me.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have more information? I'd appreciate any input you can provide.

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