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David Griffith

All through my PhD I pretty much used Windows Notepad  exclusively and, of course, for writing my actual Thesis Microsoft Word. Word/Excel was used for tables etc.

So my main research tool was notepad.

People may have different needs but as I am completely blind formatting was rarely an issue for me.


With Notepad I used the following procedure.

In Notepad Press F5 to automatically insert the date and time.

Then basically  type in any notes I needed.

Save it with a suitably clear filename in a pre-organised directory structure.


In the rare event I had loads of notes I would use *** as a virtual bookmarker  and simply use find to find the bookmark.


For Important websites I used the following procedure.

Again in Notepad press F5 to automatically store the date of website retrieval for reference purposes.

In your browser Alt D to jump to the address bar and then simply  control C to copy the address – alt tab to notepad and paste in the link.  Again  for accurate referencing purposes in your thesis.

Back to the browser I would then F6 back down to the web page and press select A and copy all the text of the web page to  the notepad file as well as a failsafe  in case the webpage goes offline etc.

In extremely rare circumstance if there were loads of headings / tables and navigation  was essential I simply save the web page for offline html reading.

As I say people’s needs may differ but I think the reading of content / analysis and then writing is probably more important than the tools used.

David G.






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From: Sean
Sent: 23 August 2020 11:41
Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible note taking apps


These applications can be good for writing plaintext and code.
But bad options for note-taking.

On 23/08/2020 13:31, zahra wrote:

whats your idea about notepad plus plus?
On 8/23/20, Sean <s.tolstoyevski@...> wrote:
I research a lot of articles and I need to save this information regularly.
Some things I can forget over time.
I tried OneNote, Notes... and couldn't use it.
I am using windows 10.
Do you have any advice on this matter?
Features I expected:
     * to be able to search through the notes I have taken
     * export as html or txt
Stay healthy.
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👨🦯 I’m programmer. I coding often Python, sometimes Go and rarely C++.



👨🦯 I’m programmer. I coding often Python, sometimes Go and rarely C++.


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