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Ian Blackburn

Brilliant this is a similar strategy to the way I did research for my masters thesis in 2012
I also had to convert huge numbers of PDF files imaged based are used a lot of tools including the strategies you discussed below regarding all the file management and notes management strategies
For a totally blind use a notepad on its own is one of the best tools
And example if you have a complex document in Word or webpage or something do you want to destroy all its formatting paste the information into notepad
That does it for you instantly
I’ve been doing this accessible document creation stuff for more than 20 or 30 years
Since about 1993
Regards Ian

On 23 Aug 2020, at 8:36 pm, David Griffith via <daj.griffith@...> wrote:

All through my PhD I pretty much used Windows Notepad  exclusively and, of course, for writing my actual Thesis Microsoft Word. Word/Excel was used for tables etc.

So my main research tool was notepad.

People may have different needs but as I am completely blind formatting was rarely an issue for me.


With Notepad I used the following procedure.

In Notepad Press F5 to automatically insert the date and time.

Then basically  type in any notes I needed.

Save it with a suitably clear filename in a pre-organised directory structure.


In the rare event I had loads of notes I would use *** as a virtual bookmarker  and simply use find to find the bookmark.


For Important websites I used the following procedure.

Again in Notepad press F5 to automatically store the date of website retrieval for reference purposes.

In your browser Alt D to jump to the address bar and then simply  control C to copy the address – alt tab to notepad and paste in the link.  Again  for accurate referencing purposes in your thesis.

Back to the browser I would then F6 back down to the web page and press select A and copy all the text of the web page to  the notepad file as well as a failsafe  in case the webpage goes offline etc.

In extremely rare circumstance if there were loads of headings / tables and navigation  was essential I simply save the web page for offline html reading.

As I say people’s needs may differ but I think the reading of content / analysis and then writing is probably more important than the tools used.

David G.






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From: Sean
Sent: 23 August 2020 11:41
Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible note taking apps


These applications can be good for writing plaintext and code.
But bad options for note-taking.

On 23/08/2020 13:31, zahra wrote:

whats your idea about notepad plus plus?
On 8/23/20, Sean <s.tolstoyevski@...> wrote:
I research a lot of articles and I need to save this information regularly.
Some things I can forget over time.
I tried OneNote, Notes... and couldn't use it.
I am using windows 10.
Do you have any advice on this matter?
Features I expected:
     * to be able to search through the notes I have taken
     * export as html or txt
Stay healthy.
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  * GitHub: SeanTolstoyevski <>
👨🦯 I’m programmer. I coding often Python, sometimes Go and rarely C++.



👨🦯 I’m programmer. I coding often Python, sometimes Go and rarely C++.


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