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Hi all.

Pontes Media is safe. A program don’t safe is, for example, Multi Extra, but the developer also created in 2016 an addon malicious for NVDA and this person is popular for this reason.

When I need download a video in audio format I use TCA Media Downloader. Is a program created by Peter Reina, in Python, but is only in Spanish, my native language. Is easy to use.




Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías.

Músico (pianista) y también ayuda a usuarios con discapacidad visual con el uso de lectores de pantalla y tecnología. Experto certificado en el lector de pantalla NVDA.


Musician (pianist) and also help to the blind people with the use of screen readers and technology. Certified expert in the screen reader NVDA.

NVDA certified expert certificate


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The program that blocked it was Malwarebytes

It doesn’t even give an option to go through to the website for that website

Sometimes Malwarebytes let you go through

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Hmmm its not a virus.


It uses versions of ffmpeg and youtube dl both of which are opensource components.


The program runs on oracle java as its engine.


Its got an innosetup installer and thats about it.


Then again I am not surprised.


Microsoft flags just about anything everything from ccleaner to cdex could be a problem for some obscure reason.


Heck even nvda became malware at one time.


Lets face it, security companies don't like the blind especially antivirus makers.




> On 23/08/2020 7:45 pm, Gene wrote:

> Since I haven't seen any reports of such unwanted programs or malware and it is a popular program, a false positive is the logical and by far the more probable explanation.


> Gene

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> Pontes is a program specifically made for blind people, not saying that

> that exempts it from crapware, but it probably has a higher chance of

> not having any than any mainstream converter.













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