Re: Which video software for nvda


Truthfully, I didn't get any warnings when I went to the page using
Firefox. However, sometimes a website can be compromised w/o an
author's knowledge. I did scan the site using Sucuri's sitecheck tool
& found no evidence for that. The site does contain both secure &
insecure (mixed) content, & http traffic is not redirected to https,
so perhaps this is what Malwarebytes is flagging. Looks to me as
though the site hasn't been updated in a veyry long time, which also
leaves open the possibility of a compromise w/o the creator's
knowledge, but, again, I don't see evidence of that.

On 8/23/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
False positives are not at all uncommon, though any time you get one
proceeding with caution is appropriate.

Your best course of action when you get what you believe may be a false
positive is to use the website to have the file or link
scanned.  It's not unusual at all for a couple of odd engines to come back
with false positives while the vast majority declare something clean.  If
you've got between 0 and 10 of about 80 engines saying something is
positive, they're probably giving false positives.  When something is really
malicious a virustotal scan will "light up like a Christmas tree" with
engines declaring an infection.


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