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Ron Canazzi

Hi Heddie,

1.  Launch Pontes.
2.  Open your browser and launch the Youtube videoe.
3.  Go to the address bar and copy the address.
4.  Move back to Pontes and paste in the address.
5.  By default, the file should download into your default download folder.  I have changed mine to something different.  you can do this under the Pontes settings. Actually you can tab to the item labeled download folder and press enter or space bar on it and a select folder dialogue should open where you can use normal Explorer navigation to select a new folder.

One other thing: You can make Pontes automatically copy the address from a Youtube page when it is launched under Pontes settings.  If you do this, there are some focus issues.  You may have to alt + tab around a few times to regain focus to Pontes once you launch the desired Youtube page.

If you need any more help, feel free to post again.

On 8/23/2020 3:44 PM, Hettie wrote:
Hi Ron

I installed Pontes Media Downloader but at a loss as to how the program works. It shows the youtube file I want to download but I can't download it. Where can I find documentation or would you help me to understand the program?


On 2020/08/22 10:25 pm, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Heddy,

Pontes Media Downloader does give you the option to download the full unconverted video from Youtube.  It also allows  conversion to MP3 and other audio formats.  I am totally blind myself and therefore I cannot make accurate analysis of just what quality of videos are downloaded.  By default, it downloads the video in MP4 format.  I think this may be a compressed form of the video, so if compressed video format is not good enough, maybe this won't work for you.

In any case, the download page for this app is:

On 8/22/2020 4:03 PM, Hettie wrote:
I spent a lot of time searching Google for an accessible video downloader that works with nvda.

I came accros Ummy Video Downloader  and it looks like a possibility but unfortunately it allows only 1 free download before you need to pay. The subscription price falls out of my monthly or once-off budget. The video I downloaded from Youtube was of a very high quality.

Any suggestions for a free app?


On 2020/08/22 9:45 pm, Gene wrote:
I don't use the updater so others can discuss it.  Regarding add-ons, I don't know where you are looking.  If you go to:
that is the official NVDA add-ons page.  That doesn't mean that no other add-ons are available elsewhere, it means that these have been checked by NVDA volunteers for safety and that they work properly.

You are on the stable add-ons page.  You will see a link as you look down the page for add-ons under development.  You may use them if you wish but they may have bugs, being sort of like betas.

Legacy add-ons, as I understand it, and there is a link to them as well, are those that can be used with older versions of NVDA.  I'm not sure, but I don't think they will work with current versions.

If you go to the page I gave a link to earlier and move down the page using h for heading, you will move from add-on link to add-on link.

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Hi list members, i'd like to know is there a more recent updater, and what addons can I use with the most recent version of NVDA? There doesn't seem to  be many choices in terms of addons that I can choose to use.  I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can give in reguards to my questions. Thank you.

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