Re: Most recent versions of "Microsoft Edge" and "Google Chrome" crashing intermittently with NVDA


I'm using Windows 7 and the old SAPI 4 voices. At times, NVDA will crash or it will cause Firefox to crash and at times, NVDA crashes when I use Windows Live Mail. I don't recall if these kinds of crashes occur with Chrome and The Brave Browser, but I think they do. I've seen one or two reports on the list over recent time of behavior that sounds similar and I suspect there is some sort of problem.

I also have the problem of read to end stopping reading off and on on certain web ;pages, sometimes two or three times on the same page.

I don't know when these problems started. I didn't start using new versions of NVDA until the one before the final release. I haven't used new versions to any extent for a long time until the one I'm using now. It is version 2020.1beta.

I am quite sure none of the problems I've reported are caused by it being a beta instead of the full release. I've seen similar problems described once or twice recently, as in the below message.

Because of these problems, and because I can use much earlier versions of NVDA I know don't have these problems, I use the new NVDA where I need to but the old version I've used for a long time in general. I realize there have been all sorts of changes to NVDA in the last many months, but I don't think mhy problems are so rare that they should not be looked into. Of course, that depends on how many people report them. I suspect many people have them.


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Subject: [nvda] Most recent versions of "Microsoft Edge" and "Google Chrome" crashing intermittently with NVDA

Hi. I've noticed that the most recent versions of "Microsoft Edge" and "Google Chrome" are intermittently crashing with the most recent version of NVDA. I can't predict when this will occur to provide information for replicating the issue. I'm running Windows 10 version 2004.



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