New to the list with a question


Hello, hope everyone is well wherever they may be. My name is Tony. I'm new to the list. I've been using NVDA for many years, but never joined the list. My question may be a simple one, but one that has bugged me in the past, and has returned to do so recently. Here it goes. Forever when switching synthesizers, up and down arrow would read the synthesizer. Now today for some strange reason when I go to do so the arrow keys don't say anything, I have to do alt down arrow to expand, then it reads the names of my synthesizers. It also happens in the TeamTalk sound system settings, when selecting input, and output. Not a big deal, but I'm just curious if this has happened to anyone here. It works fine with my portable copy, and this happened once before a long, long time ago. Any ideas? Thank you, I look forward to learning, and hopefully participating on the list. Take care.

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