Re: Issue with Outlook shortcut commands and NVDA compatibility


I suppose I could give that a try, but really, these are keystroke commands native to Outlook itself so in theory, an add-on shouldn’t be needed. That and they do work perfectly well with Jaws.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Issue with Outlook shortcut commands and NVDA compatibility

There is a compatible NVDA add-on for Outlook.
It may do the things you want.

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From: Cristóbal
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Issue with Outlook shortcut commands and NVDA compatibility

Ok. So I first checked the add-ons I did have installed and low-and-behold, they were all incompatible with this version of NVDA (most current version).
I went ahead and uninstalled them and did a restart of NVDA.

Now, running NVDA wit no add-ons installed, it appears that I can now do the
alt+I and alt+U to get to the location and subject fields in both the
calendar and messages of Outlook, but the alt+` (grauv) to jump to either message body or notes section in either the calendar or contact entry etc.
still doesn’t work anywhere. Same goes for the Alt+1 through 6 on the top number row. Alt+7 invokes some weird mouse command

I mean, I’m not being hyperbolic when I say I send countless emails a day and am always in the calendar checking this, doing that, creating etc. so for me and my workflow, this really is sort of a dealbreaker. Eliminating I don’t know how many tabs and shift tabs throughout the day for example is invaluable for my time and sanity with these keystrokes.

I’d like to use NVDA more in my business, but without this functionality, it would be tough.

Any other ideas?



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Subject: Re: [nvda] Issue with Outlook shortcut commands and NVDA compatibility


Can you try restarting with add-ons disabled? If Outlook commands work after
this, chances are that it might be an add-on or two that might be
interfering with outlook commands.



From: <> On Behalf Of Cristóbal
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2020 2:52 PM
Subject: [nvda] Issue with Outlook shortcut commands and NVDA compatibility

Hello list,

I’m mainly a Jaws user, but time to time, I use NVDA for the odd task or if
Jaws is giving me problems or whatever.

I’m also a heavy Outlook user (V 2016). I’m noticing an issue with certain
keystroke commands that appear to conflict with NVDA and Outlook and was
wondering if it’s just me or if it really is an issue for others.

For example, alt+I while in a calendar will take you to the location field
where you can enter in address location of the appointment. Alt+U takes you
to the subject field be it in a calendar appointment or message. Alt+`
(grov) takes you to the message field/notes section. Alt+1 or 2 or 3 etc.
takes you to the various header fields like from, to, cc, bcc, subject…
These all work fine with Jaws and to the best of my knowledge, are not
screen reader specific commands, but rather Outlook’s.

These commands don’t appear to work with NVDA however. They seem to invoke
some mouse commands or just don’t work period.

I use Outlook all day for my business which is very email and
calendar-centric. So, being able to use shortcuts like these are a huge
time saver and really essential for how I work.

Am I perhaps missing something or is this really an NVDA compatibility



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