Re: Accessible note taking apps

Gabriel Pires Bonagio

I use Notepad++ for programming purposes only, but it can be used for notetaking if you're really willing to make a very organized environment by yourself. It takes a good amount of effort, though. That's why notetaking apps exist, and they have so many diverse features.
I personally used Gooogle Keep both on my Android phone and in web, with Firefox, but it got inaccessible somewhere down the road, so I switched to the old school Notepad on Windows. Several weeks ago, i tried Google Keep with Chrome and it is pretty accessible again. More accessible than it was before, I could say.
You can label notes pretty easily, and link them in different ways based on those labels. Since it's web based, you can search them either through your browser's search function, or NVDA's. If you paste an URL, it links it so you can just click and voila.
I've only had trouble so far dealing with lists. Either it's not accessible or I'm doing something wrong. And for the purpose of exporting to plain text or HTML, it won't supply your needs with a press of a button, but you can always select the whole content of the edit box, copy it and paste it on a Notepad window pretty easily. I find it even easier than downloading stuff all the time.
Again, it's web based, so you won't be able to use it when you're offline, but something tells me that Chrome has some way of storing the page in cache, so you can load it whenever you're under a rock lol. And I encourage you to try using it with other browsers as well, just to see if they behave a little better, or worse or anything different.

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