Re: Windows OneCore voices don't appear correctly in the list of synthesizers

Quentin Christensen

Are you using any NVDA add-ons?  If so, if you press NVDA+Q, then down arrow to "Restart with add-ons disabled" does it make a difference?

My reading of the thread is that everything is working - OneCore Voices are working and reading just fine, it's just that they aren't listed in the Synthesizer dialog, correct?

(In which case, it's still a puzzle, but at least not preventing you from using your computer, which is the main thing).

Have you restarted your computer lately?  As in restart from the Windows start menu, not just closed the lid (if you have a laptop)?  Computers can go a long time these days without properly restarting, but every now and then bugs creep in which a restart fixes.

Do you have NVDA set to start automatically?  If so, if you press CONTROL+ALT+N to restart NVDA, is OneCore listed then?  The only thing I can think of is whether something hasn't finished loading by the time NVDA starts, and although the synthesizer works fine, for some reason the synthesizer dialog isn't getting a full list of available synthesizers...

Otherwise I can't think of what it could be offhand.


On Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 9:12 AM Jackie <abletec@...> wrote:
So 2 things. Remember that you've got 1core voices but also Microsoft
desktop voices. I'm just saying that to ensure you don't confuse the

Next, Louise have you tried a portable install of NVDA just for the
halibut to see if they appear there? Lastly, what is your machine
localized to?

On 8/23/20, Louise Pfau <louise.pfau@...> wrote:
> Hi.  The "Windows OneCore voices" work correctly with "Microsoft Narrator",
> and when I looked through the settings, the "English (US)" voice pack was
> listed as installed.  The "Windows OneCore voices" are speaking correctly
> with NVDA, although they don't appear correctly in the list of
> synthesizers.
> Thanks,
> Louise

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