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Here is something you can try. I don't know if it will work in Libre Office but see if this is a good work around. It works in Word10 Starter. I don't know the laptop command. The desktop command is shift numpad insert numpad minus, the rightmost key on the top row of the numpad. In other words, hold shift and numpad insert and while doing so, press numpad minus. If you press it twice, it moves the carret to the focus of the object navigator. Be in object navigation mode. This won't work if you don't.

If you are inn object navigation, the entire document you open is seen by NVDA as one object. You can read from beginning to end with object navigation commands. To test whether this procedure works, do the following using laptop keyboard commands if you are using a laptop. I don't know them; I'll give the desktop commands.
Open a document. Start reading with read to end of navigator object, numpad plus. See if the document reads without interruption.
If you want to move to where you stop reading, the navigator will be there but if you want to work with the document and move the carret there, issue the command I gave earlier, shift num;pad insert numpad minus. Issue it twice quickly. You can keep holding the shift but when you issue it quickly, you must release all the other keys including numpad insert. that will move the cursor to where the navigator is, in other words, to where you stopped reading.

See if this work around works in Libre Office.


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FIrstly Leslie,

No, we haven't changed anything from our end, you should be able to press NVDA+A (Laptop keyboard layout) or NVDA+down arrow (desktop keyboard layout) to say all, in a document, a web page or an email.

Now as for what is happening, as Gene mentioned, a log would help, ideally at Debug level, and ideally with add-ons disabled (do you have any add-ons?)

Looking through our issues I found: about say all in Firefox or Wordpad which was resolved by the user running the COM registration fixing tool. To do that, press NVDA+N, then press T for tools, then down arrow to "Run COM registration fixing tool" and press ENTER.

There are a handful of other closed issues which were either from using broken add-ons, or illegal ones, or other things which have been fixed and merged in NVDA 2019.3 and earlier.

One which is still open is which is an issue in Libre Office at least. Last time I looked at this issue, the workaround I found which resolved it, was when you open a document in Libre Office, press CONTROL+END to jump to the very bottom of the document, then CONTROL+HOME to come back to the top, then say all should work.

I just tested and it looks like that issue is still present in Libre Office using the latest NVDA alpha. That isn't isn't in WordPad to my knowledge however. As far as I know, that is caused by a bug in Libre Office and has pretty much always been there.

I just update to Libre Office 7.0.0 and it still behaves the same.


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Unless I press NVDA plus A I can never read a full email. This just started with the newest update. If I want to skip down through a long message I need to press control plus down arrow. If I don’t press those keys, I can’t keep moving through the email. I thought something I did to my computer did this until someone else in the class I’m taking had the same problem and we both have NVDA. Is this a bug or is this the way you want as a new NVDA. Thing? I couldn’t find it in the commands.

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