Issue with ObjPad and activation of objects which are reported as being off screen


Folks, I have an application which requires the invaluable ObjPad add-on for proper interaction. However, as I move through its objects in the ObjectNav mode, via the Right Arrow, and reach a certain point in the tree of objects, each press of Insert+5 indicates that the object is off screen. That means the objects which are off screen can't be activated or selected by pressing Space, Enter or NVDA+Enter. Interestingly, the objects which aren't off screen and are located before the first off-screen object don't exhibit this issue.
So my question is how we can force ObjPad or NVDA to move the focus to these objects for activation. I've tried NVDA+NumPadDivide but it doesn't work for off-screen objects either. Other ObjPad modes don't work with these objects as far as their activation is concerned.


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