Re: Access regarding email with quotations and screen readers, NVDA, in this case


So, if I'm understanding correctly, successive uses of the Q command when viewing HTML (which is the type of e-mail presented with block quotes) this will take you to the start of the next block quote and, once you're in that block quote, the use of the comma command will jump you out of it to the new material that follows it?

That would be particularly handy, since the SHIFT+ commands for each of those things would allow ease of jumping back and forth between the two if you needed to jump back to check something.

Thanks to those who've been kind enough to respond.   If anyone knows of analogous commands in other screen readers, if they differ from what NVDA uses, would you please mention what those are.  Even though this is an NVDA group, knowledge of analogous commands across screen readers is always helpful, and requires only a quick mention of what those are if they're different (or just that they're the same).

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