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NVDA and DisqusI don't use the site. Do you need to register to leave comments? Aside from that, I can give you a work around. Write your comment in Notepad and then copy it to the clipboard. Paste it into gthe comment area. Unload and run NVDA again and make sure it is as you want it, then send it. I've seen some multiline edit fields on web sites that don't allow you to see what you've written properly or efficiently and that is the method I use in such cases.

I agree with Brian that the ;problem is likely a change on the web site. While possible that NVDA has become corrupted, it is unlikely, particularly since you don't complain about other edit fields and since problems with multiline edit fields are somewhat commohn..


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Please help. About a week ago, when I try to make a comment on, NVDA goes silent and does not read my comment. When I restart NVDA, it then reads the comment but it does not speak the letter when I move the cursor thus I am unable to edit. The website in question uses Disqus. I have making comments on for a long time. This is very new.

Thanks for any help.



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