NVDA stalling/crashing

Justin Harford

Hello everyone

I am dealing with a difficult situation. I just installed to the latest version of NVDA. This was an update from a much earlier version, as I delayed updating since there was not a compatible version of the dictation bridge at the time.

my vocalizer plug-in stopped working. I went to the tiflotechnia website to download the latest version of the plug-in, which after I installed it, said it was not compatible. I then completely removed the vocalizer plugging along with the synthesizers.

When I was trying to use the screen reader with e speak, it randomly would crash. I would go into fire fox, type in a search, the results would load and I would start trying to navigate through the headings and we get no response. I would press alt tab, and no response. 

I then uninstalled the screen reader bygoing into the settings, under applications, and clicking uninstall. I assume that activates the same uninstall file in the program files folder. At this point I was using narrator.

 I restarted the computer,  And ran the installer again. When the installation was complete, I was having the same issues. I am not past this point now. Whenever I try to run NVDA, It quickly goes silent after a simple task like bringing up the run dialogue and attempting to type something in. The speech becomes unresponsive, though I can still tab around the applications and open the start menu. 

Can somebody help?
Justin Harford (he/him/his)
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