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Hellog again,


A few more thoughts,


I would call “output buffer” to the last thing that NVDA spoke and basically i would love to have control over that like we have with cursors.






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De: Martin Labarthe Dubois
Enviado: viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016 17:01
Asunto: Re: [nvda] Suggestions



A small intro about the user (me)


Been using NVDA since one year aprox, i am technically blind but have low visión 1/10 so I mainly use the “mosue over” function to read, but sometimes navigate using tab or keys too.


The situation that gives me a small problema is this, for example I am moving the mouse over some text it could be a web page or window file and since I use french, spanish and english sometimes i am not sure of what exactly said, for example a file name “francois Valluard.doc” or web page that talks aobut an autor and i want to know the exact spelling so i can find more info or whatever i need.

To solve this normally I try to use nvda+* to move the cursor to the place or copy the text and paste it into a notepad and use the cursor to read the wors and letter by letter.


My suggestion to solve this problema would be:


I acall “output buffer” to the text that is stored and read when you do some action, for example you move the mouse over some text you leave the mouse there and NVDA starts Reading this buffer, you can pause it with shift or clear this buffer with ctrl.

If would be very very desirable if you can have more control of this outbuffer, handle it with a cursor so you can read Word by Word and spelling.


Another example would be, you are in the file system, Windows explorer, you move the mouse up adn down, and nvda send info to this output buffer and read “ABC.doc”, i would like to get the spelling of this file, if I had control of this output like I said it would be easier.



Let me know if i been not clear.


Thanks, regards,





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De: Joseph Lee
Enviado: viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016 16:46
Asunto: Re: [nvda] Suggestions



Actually, we have some developers here, so suggestions are welcome.




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Thanks Antony


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De: Antony Stone
Enviado: viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016 9:41
Asunto: Re: [nvda] Suggestions


On Friday 26 August 2016 at 14:21:53, Martin Labarthe Dubois wrote:

> Hello again,
> Changed the subject so i can find the response, i was asking if there was a
> way to comunícate with developers to suggest an improvement.
> Regards,
> Martin

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