Few questions regarding the Place Markers add-on


Folks, having used the Place Markers feature in JAWS for a long time, I'd like to know if the Place Markers add-on for NVDA can provide an equal experience. Specifically:
1. Is it possible to create a place marker for a page and expect it to work on all pages belonging to that domain? For instance, I download a lot of podcasts and audio files from npr.org. With JAWS I've created a place marker for the Download link on one page and, via a check box, have set it up in a way that it works on all pages belonging to npr.org.
2. Crucially, can place markers be anchored to one or more words on a page so that they can always move us to the proper/expected location regardless of any modifications on that page? Again JAWS can do it by asking for a word or phrase to which a place marker should be anchored. Like the first one, this is also optional.


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