Brian Buhrow

hello. I'm wondering if someone on this list can help me understand
what I'm doing wrong with OpenVPN. Here is a description of the trouble
I'm having.

I've tried installing Openvpn-2.4.4 or OpenVPN-2.5Beta, Windows 64-bit
version on my Windows 10 laptop. The installation appears to go fine, but
when I try to run openvpn-gui, I'm told the application is already running
and I should go to my task manager and right click on the red VPN icon.
If I go to the system tray and find OpenVPN in the list of tasks,
then right click by using NVDA + right bracket, it brings up the context
menu for the application I was using before I went to the system tray. If
I try to open the context menu by pressing control + shift+ F10, I get a
menu, but it appears to be one that lets me try to run OpenVPN as
administrator, or in compatiblity mode with older versions of Windows, or
to create a desktop shortcut.
If I choose the open option from the menu, I get the same "OpenVPN-gui is
already running" message.

If I look at the OpenVPN process in the task manager, Control + Shift
+ Escape, I see the process, but I don't know how to bring it to the

I see messages on this list that say folks got it working, but when I
try to follow their instructions, I run into the issues described above.
Can someone enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong?


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