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Chris Mullins


My settings are: synth set to beep if capital letter, speak typed characters off, speak typed words on.


This does not beep when typing CAPITAL LETTERS, either with capslock on or when using shift with caps lock off.  Using shift with caps lock on does produce a beep.  In other words, the synthesizer setting that indicates capital letters only works when typing if Speak typed characters is on.


I'm using Windows 10 2004 and NVDA 2020.2





From: Gene
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I just tested this and it beeps when speak typed characters is on or off.

It does it when speak words is on or off as well, so the screen-reader could

be silent and it would still beep.



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It should still beep when typing a lowercase letter with caps lock on - so

if you have double pressed the caps lock key and caps lock is on.  If you

then press SHIFT and type a letter (which will come out lowercase) NVDA will



In NVDA'S speech settings there is an option "Beep for capitals".  With that

on whenever you arrow to a capital or type a capital letter, NVDA will beep,

however it only does this when reading the letter, so it only reads when

typing, if speak typed characters is enabled.





On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 10:54 AM Janet Brandly <jbrandly@...> wrote:



To add to my last note, although I have the box checked in the keyboard

settings to let me know if capital keys are being typed when I want lower

case, that’s not working. I’ve got it set to say words as I type them, so

perhaps that is the problem? I really don’t need to hear each character.














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