Re: Few questions regarding the Place Markers add-on

Tony Malykh

In the absence of other replies, let me tell you about my add-on BrowserNav. One of the features is what I called browser marks. You can configure a regular expression to match any words that you want to be able to find on web pages and jump to them quickly using J or Shift+J command. I was thinking of Jaws bookmarks when I designed this feature. Unlike Jaws it doesn't discriminate on the domain name, that is the whole regexp is being applied to all web pages. But it doesn't seem to cause problems for me. So to summarize, it's not exactly what you're looking for , but close enough, so might want to give it a try.



On 8/26/2020 10:58 PM, Amir wrote:
Folks, having used the Place Markers feature in JAWS for a long time, I'd like to know if the Place Markers add-on for NVDA can provide an equal experience. Specifically:
1. Is it possible to create a place marker for a page and expect it to work on all pages belonging to that domain? For instance, I download a lot of podcasts and audio files from With JAWS I've created a place marker for the Download link on one page and, via a check box, have set it up in a way that it works on all pages belonging to
2. Crucially, can place markers be anchored to one or more words on a page so that they can always move us to the proper/expected location regardless of any modifications on that page? Again JAWS can do it by asking for a word or phrase to which a place marker should be anchored. Like the first one, this is also optional.


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