Re: Few questions regarding the Place Markers add-on

Tony Malykh

Yes, all the browser marks will be applied to all domains. I know that configuration is not very intuitive at this point, but convenient configuration windows require a lot of UI work, which I don't have much time or passion for. If we have some kind of UI for configuring browser marks, then we'd be able to specify domain name or regular expression for domain name, specific for each mark. I don't know yet how to extract domain name from currently displayed web page, but PlaceMarks add-on does it, so I assume I can copy their way. But in any case it requires a lot of work.

On 8/27/2020 9:05 AM, Amir wrote:
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply.
I love your add-on and indeed use it, or let me say use your various add-ons, on a regular basis.
However, as I noticed the "browser marks" feature a couple of months ago, I found out that configuring it or actually getting it to work is quite complicated. Of course, I should brush up on my knowledge of regular expressions, but maybe it should become easier to configure -- similar to what JAWS does. And if you don't discriminate based on domain, do you mean that something like the "Download" link gets detected on all websites containing this link with the exact form and spelling? Since I use various place markers on a wide range of websites, ideally I don't like to have such unexpected mark detections so as to make navigation faster and more focused.
Yet again, thanks for releasing such useful add-ons -- keep up the good work!


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