Re: Problem enter thunderbird with NVDA


It may be that you were working in options and didn't close the options window. I don't know why thunderbird does this and if it is a problem for sighted users. But I found that if you do something in options, you must close that window with control f4 after you finish. Then you will return to the main window and the next time you open the program, you will be in the main window. But if you work in options, then close the program with alt f4, when you open it again, you will be in the options window. So open the program, close the optionns window with control f4, then do whatever you want in the main window. Then close the program in the usual way. The next time you open it, you will be in the main window.


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From: Dave Grossoehme
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2020 2:54 PM
Subject: [nvda] Problem enter thunderbird with NVDA

Good Day: Has anyone else had a problem entering into Thunder Bird
using windows 2004 and the latest nvda version. For the last 2 days I
had a problem. After I enter the program, I hear task bar. If I tab
once I hear options and I have to used a sight person to click at the
top to get to the in box, or all mail etc. I have tried using the
control + tab to no avail and the f6 doesn't help either. This is on
version 78 of T. b.


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