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Quentin Christensen

There is an issue open for that use case Gene.  There have been some technical limitations on implementing it in the past.  I'm not sure whether those still exist, but the issue is here if you are interested:


On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 11:06 AM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I understand that they have very different functions.  I've seen them both
but I didn't realize what was being described as to the beep when reviewing
text you are describing.

I've never played with the beep for capitals in the settings for the voice
dialog.  However, there is what I consider a serious omission inits
function.  it doesn't beep for capitals unless you are moving through text
by carachter.  If you move by word, it doesn't beep, if you are using read
to end, it doesn't beep.  I have to be moving by caracter.  I consider that
to be a serious omission.

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It is not more limited.  It is just different.

The first beeps if you type a lower-case letter while holding shift.  Since
only happens if capslock is on, it is an effective indication of capslock.

The second is effective when reviewing text: it doesn't relate to typing,
to situations wherein you are arrowing around or using review commands.
Similar to, or an alternative to, the change pitch for capital letters
it is just a method of alerting you to capital letters that you are reading.
Incidental to speak typed characters, it also happens to beep when you type
capital letter, but that isn't its primary function.

The first relates to writing, the second to reading.  Neither is "more
than the other, they solve different problems.


On Thu, 27 Aug 2020, Gene wrote:

> Does that mean that the more limited one should be removed?
> Gene
> -----Original Message----- From: Quentin Christensen
> Gene there are two settings mentioned in the thread, which initially sound
> similar, but work differently to each other:
> In NVDA's keyboard settings there is an option "Beep if typing lowercase
> letters when caps lock is on".  That option beeps when caps lock is on AND
> you then press SHIFT and type a letter (which will come out lowercase).
> That option works regardless of your keyboard echo settings.
> In NVDA'S speech settings there is an option "Beep for capitals".  With
> that on whenever you arrow to a capital letter or type a capital letter,
> NVDA will beep, however it only does this when reading the letter, so it
> only reads while typing if speak typed characters is enabled.

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