Trouble reading messages with HTML embedded tables in Outlook 365

Jessie Mabry

Good morning, everyone,

I'm hoping that there's a simple fix for this and I'm just missing something.

I use Outlook 365 as my mail client and sometimes find myself switching screen readers just to read my mail. This is because NVDA detects tables in the vast majority of my HTML messages to the point where the verbosity makes them difficult to read. The tables often seem nested or non-uniform, too, which increases the verbiage more. I have NVDA set to ignore layout tables in HTML documents, but I have all the table detection features in the Document Formatting dialogue enabled because I like to hear about useful tables in other contexts. I'm using NVDA 2020.2. Other screen readers I use strip out any unnecessary tables and read content as text. Is there any way to make NVDA do the same? It's a much more fluid experience.

Thanks for your help,

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