Re: Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible

Akash Kakkar

Amir bro,

Actually yes, you can asign article commands to NVDA for instance I've asigned "O" for moving to the next article and "shift+O" for moving to the previous article. Thus I get around this problem.

Regarding article summary, yes, that's the issue which I also feel but if you go to the "feeds" link, there you can find the link for "refresh all feeds in background"

However, I'll recheck this link again.

On 8/30/2020 5:06 PM, Amir wrote:
I've been using Miniflux Trial over the past few hours. While I appreciate its simplicity and accessibility, so far my major gripes with it are:
1. Navigating among articles is very difficult. Since Miniflux doesn't use headings or regions to display each article link or separate them from adjacent article links, one has to use the Up/Down arrows to reach each article link on the feed page and move past extra links or buttons. For instance, navigation around the links/articles for the following feed is quite cumbersome:
2. It doesn't display article summaries on the feed page. So one should select each article link to move to a new page in order to see the short summary. And opening the full article requires yet another link selection. Maybe worse, Miniflux doesn't display article summaries for some feeds at all -- check this one, for instance:
3. Wish Miniflux had a "Refresh all feed" option. Refreshing each feed manually takes a lot of time, and the "Refresh feeds in the background" link apparently doesn't refresh them at the moment of selecting it.

The annual $15 fee sounds awesome if these issues are sorted out.


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