Re: Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible

Akash Kakkar

Wow! 500! it's too much bro, although the server can handle it, but I'll incur a bit of extra cost which can be problematic for me.

Have you tried heroku?

There, you can deploy Miniflux for free without the need of a server.

On 8/30/2020 7:53 PM, Hope Williamson wrote:

Hi, that would be epic, but I have a whole heck of a lot of feeds!! Like over 500, not sure if your server could handle that many.

On 8/29/2020 11:28 PM, Akash Kakkar wrote:

Yes, I have set the refresh frequency to my server hosted miniflux to 5 minutes. If you want, then I can create an account for you.

On 8/30/2020 2:19 AM, Amir wrote:
Well, don't know about the server side, but the website refreshes RSS feeds every hour, according to their FAQ, and one can't decrease this period. Sadly it's too much for my work as I need 10 to 15-minute refreshes or even 5-minute ones for some feeds.


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