Re: Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible

Akash Kakkar

Oh, ok,

Ya, I open the article title link itself.

So, if some of the feeds don't expose their content in this way, then not a problem, just click on "edit" besides that Feed and check the checkbox for "fetch original content". It will work.

I use it quite often and fetch some of the feeds like this way like I think android Police also requires this work around.

On 8/30/2020 10:57 PM, Hope Williamson wrote:
So if you don't click the link that says "original," and instead click
the link that contains the title, it opens in an overlay. What the
overlay contains depends on which feed you're reading. It may contain
the article, but some feeds won't allow it to do this, like Reddit feeds
for instance.

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