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Sam Taylor

Thanks for letting us know about this, Sean,

What I would find really helpful personally as a time-saving measure is a way to indicate a type of heading level (1, 2, etc), via a tone, rather than waiting for the TTS to announce this at the end of a text string.



On 31/08/2020 12:37 pm, Sean wrote:

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having healthy days.

The new version of Unspoken has released. You can now use Unspoken with "Profiles".
You can read the documentation for more information.

I am considering adding support for "themes", though not in the near future.

By the way, this add-on had a lot of fans. A lot of e-mails came the day I posted it.

Download version 0.4:

* * *

And I have a question for you:
What can I do to have this add-on posted on ""?

Not all people use GitHub and this is the most popular place for add-ons.

A small section of the GitHub page:

unspoken (Ported python 3)


Unspoken deletes the name label of objects. Different sounds are played instead of these names.
Example: "more button", active Unspoken: "more (a unique sound)"
This add-on can help you use your computer dynamic/faster.


  • (default) ctrl+shift+u: Activates / deactivates Unspoken. You can use profiles to disable Unspoken in some applications.

(See: NVDA Menu>Input gestures...>Unspoken>... and NVDA Menu>Configuration profiles...)
You can assign a different key here And you can create profiles for apps.
Note: this is a new feature. Testing on more machines may be required. Please consider creating Issue. ( added Date: 31 Aug 2020)


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