Re: issues with quick nav of thunderbird and NVDA

Robert Logue

I notice the folders list does not speak after TB updates.  I go to add-ons and check Quick Folder Key Navigation and make sure it is working and enabled.

I don't know why it says "loading" all the time.

I have TB 68.12.0 (32-bit Windows Version 1909 NVDA 2020.2

I hope TB doesn't mess up when I get Win 2004.

Here are the details from that screen:

Quick Folder Key Navigation This extension makes it possible to quickly navigate to a particular fold… Release Notes: Loading… Options Disable Remove  Show more details


On 2020-08-12 4:02 p.m., Don H wrote:
Doing some experimenting.  Just installed Thunderbird version 78.1 along with the quick key folder nav addon.  Still having issues with the addon working as it should.

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