For PowerShell users: if you get a warning about PSReadLine in PowerShell 7...


Hi all,


The following was discussed on a Windows 10 forum, but it prominently affects NVDA users who use PowerShell:

In PowerShell 7, a message about PSReadLine will be printed. This happens if PowerShell detects that you are using a screen reader that sets system-wide screen reader active flag while running. So far, NVDA and JAWS users are affected, and initial research shows that this warning was ultimately caused by compatibility issues between PowerShell 7 and NVDA.

In the meantime, if you do need to use PSReadLine module, do either;
1. From PowerShell, type “Import-Module PSReadLine” (without quotes) and press Enter. There are ways to do this automatically which will involve editing your PowerShell profile and using a script file.

2. If NVDA is installed, restart NVDA with screen reader flag off (Run dialog, “nvda –no-sr-flag” without quotes). This means apps that rely on screen reader flag will not be able to detect that NVDA is running, and should be used as a temporary workaround.

I began reaching out to PowerShell engineers at Microsoft in hopes of getting to the bottom of this – finding out which compatibility issues were identified in hopes that it can be resolved soon.



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