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I can't tell you if you can search for music using the Spotify program. You can use Google or whatever search engine you want if it gives you good results. That's how I search for whatever I'm looking for on Spotify.
Search for what you are looking for as:
We Can Work It Out Beatles spotify
You will find results. Follow a link to a result, copy the address to the clipboard, then paste it into the spotify program address bar and press enter. Then if it doesn't start playing automatically, tell it to play.

I haven't used spotify much for a good while, but when I did, if you used the link to an individual track, it would play. If it was to more content, such as to an album or playlist, you would have to activate the play button.


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Subject: [nvda] Mixcloud, Spotify and NVDA

Hi. Does someone know how to change volume of podcast or program when you use Mixcloud with NVDA? There on the page is some buttons where doesnt happen anything and there is also buttons to seek forward or reward. But I cant change volume what I’m listening. I have Firefox, Windows 10 and maybe latest version of NVDA.
I cant searching music on Spotify with NVDA. Writing to the search box doesnt work.

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