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On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 06:40 PM, Governor staten wrote:
I'm running Thunderbird 78.2.0, and have same issues.
And if this version number is correct, then you're not on the release update channel, which is at 68.12.0, but the beta channel, which can have a raft of issues that the release channel does not, or have fixed issues that the release channel still has.

One can determine what channel they're on using ALT+H,A to bring up the About Thunderbird dialog.  Right after the part where your version number is shown, and the status message regarding whether you're at the most recent update or have one pending, is a line that reads, "You are on the release update channel," where release will be "beta" instead if you're using the beta channel.

This issue had definitely been resolved, at one point, and there is a topic on here that I'm sure will contain the keywords "Thunderbird verbosity" besides this one that cover the back and forth or resolve it.  I filed issues on this one, and it isn't truly ancient history, at least not yet.

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